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You can honor a loved one with a gift that continues to remember them, or remember a loved one and their faithfulness, through a Memorial Gift to the church and its ministries. Memorials may be made for special items that are outside the normal church budget, or put into one of the Endowment Funds to provide continuing income for the congregation. Your gift will be noted in our Book of Memorials, and a note will be sent both to you and to the person or family of the person whom you are remembering. Memorials may range in cost from several dollars for a hymnal on up! Below is a list of current memorials. The list is not inclusive - please see the pastor for updates or to talk about your memorial.

Do you have a will?

If you do not have a will, the state has one for you! Of course, it may not express your desires - and, without a will, it can sometimes take several years to settle an estate! Sixty percent of the people who die each year die without a will. Making a will is not only good stewardship, it is also a way to continue to express your love for your family and your faith; it can save a lot of unnecessary expenses at your death, as well as make it easier for your family to carry out your wishes. Even if you do not feel you have a large "estate," you should make out at least a basic will. More information on why you should have a will is available at The ELCA site. A Will and Trust Workbook and Notes for My Family and Friends, a booklet for leaving instructions regarding last things, are available from the ELCA Foundation. For local information and help on how to use your will to express your faith and make charitable gifts, call the Lutheran Planned Giving Office at (570) 374-2044, or call the ELCA Foundation at their toll-free number (800) 638-3522, ext. 2970.

The ELCA Mission Investment Fund offers Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).This is an investment that can build your future retirement accounts while building the church! Both traditional and Roth IRAs are offered, as well as Coverdell Education accounts for students (formerly known as Education IRAs). For those who are eligible, rollovers are also possible. Since these accounts have special tax implications, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Mission Investment offices in Chicago at (877) 886-3522. For other investment opportunities in the church, contact Rev. Mark Wimmer at (267) 203-0037 or e-mail him at Information on these investments can also be found at the Mission Investment Fund website.

If you have any questions, or for further information, contact the church at (717) 248-8780 or e-mail: St. Johnís Lutheran Church.