Endowment Funds

Endowment Funds exist for the continuance and spreading of the ministry of St. John’s ELCA. At present, there are two kinds of Endowments available:



Capital Endowment Fund


This fund exists to take care of special unbudgeted physical needs of St. John’s that may arise in the future, from the purchasing of land and buildings, to the replacement of roofs or heating/air conditioning units. Giving to this fund enables the congregation to build up cash reserves to take care of these items, without taking money from our yearly budget which would otherwise fund ministries of the congregation.

 Ministry Endowment Funds

These funds help give additional funding to either existing ministries of the church, or to provide “start-up” funds for new ministries. Gifts to these funds help to supplement areas of particular concern to members (i.e. “music fund”), and may have restrictions placed upon them guiding the use of the funds.

Lynn Phillips Music and Worship Fund:  Instruments for the church, music for choir and handbell choir, hymnals, etc.  Established with a Memorial from the estate of Charles Hearn.

Pennebaker Trust:  Financial help for Seniors (This is a closed fund – no monies can be added to it).

Helping Hands:  A general fund to help people both in the church and in the community with financial aid.


Specific items may be endowed (i.e. “the roof,” “Parish Nurse Program”), although it is more useful to the congregation to have unspecified endowments, giving the congregation more flexibility in meeting its needs. Endowments may be given as Memorials.  For more information on Endowment Funds, see the Congregational Treasurer.